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Submit Cancel. Works by Morgan Robertson. View All. Sign up Now. Though Mr. Meyer's eyes sparkled at this, he said nothing, but drank himself stupid and was assisted home by one of his clerks. From this on, neglecting his business—excepting to occasionally visit the bulletins—he spent his time in the Captain's room drinking heavily, and bemoaning his luck. On the tenth day he read with watery eyes, posted on the bulletin [42] below the news of the arrival at Gibraltar of the second boat-load of people, the following:.

Ship Arctic , Boston, Capt. It'll take his wife's diamonds to settle. Three weeks later, Mr. Meyer was aroused from a brooding lethargy, by a crowd of shouting underwriters, who rushed into the Captain's room, seized him by the shoulders, and hurried him out and up to a bulletin. What d'you think of it? Both dangerously ill.

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Rowland speaks of ship cut in half night before loss of Titan. Only ship not reported lately. Overdue two months. Was spoken same day fifty miles east of that iceberg. Meyer, painfully and stupidly: "dere is a collision clause in der Titan's policy; I merely bay the money to der steamship company instead of to der Royal Age beeple. Which one of the lost tribes did you spring from—you're like none of your race—drinking yourself stupid like a good Christian. I've got a thousand on the Titan , and if I'm to pay it I want to know why.

Futility, Or the Wreck of the Titan Full Audiobook by Morgan ROBERTSON by Nautical & Marine Fiction

You've got the heaviest risk and the brain to fight for it—you've got to do it. Go home, straighten up, and attend to this. We'll watch Rowland till you take hold. We're all caught. The next morning he was at his desk, clear-eyed and clear-headed, and for a few weeks was a busy, scheming man of business.

On a certain morning, about two months after the announcement of the loss of the Titan , Mr.

The Wreck Of The Titan Told Of The Titanic’s Sinking — 14 Years Before It Happened

Meyer sat at his desk in the Rooms, busily writing, when the old gentleman who had bewailed the death of his son in the Intelligence office tottered in and took a chair beside him. Selfridge," he said, scarcely looking up; "I suppose you have come to see der insurance paid over. Der sixty days are up.

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Meyer," said the old gentleman, wearily; "of course, as merely a stockholder, I can take no active part; but I am a member here, and naturally a little anxious. All I had in the world—even to my son and grandchild—was in the Titan. Selfridge; you have my deepest [44] sympathy. I pelieve you are der largest holder of Titan stock—about one hundred thousand, is it not? Selfridge, this battle will be largely petween you and myself. Der underwriters and outside companies have blaced matters in my hands and will not bay until I take der initiative.

We must hear from one John Rowland, who, with a little child, was rescued from der berg and taken to Christiansand. He has been too sick to leave der ship which found him and is coming up der Thames in her this morning. I have a carriage at der dock and expect him at my office py noon. Dere is where we will dransact this little pizness—not here. She was not at Gibraltar with the others. I would not care—I would not care much about the money, if she was safe.

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But my son—my only son—is gone; and, Mr. Meyer, I am a ruined man if this insurance is not paid. Meyer, rising. I expect der attorney and Captain Bryce are dere now.

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Selfridge arose and accompanied him to the street. A rather meagerly-furnished private office in Threadneedle Street, partitioned off from a larger one bearing Mr.


Meyer's name in the window, received the two men, one of whom, in the interests of good business, was soon to be impoverished. They had not waited a minute before Captain Bryce and Mr. Austen were announced and ushered in. Sleek, [45] well-fed, and gentlemanly in manner, perfect types of the British naval officer, they bowed politely to Mr. Selfridge when Mr. Meyer introduced them as the captain and first officer of the Titan , and seated themselves.

A few moments later brought a shrewd-looking person whom Mr. Meyer addressed as the attorney for the steamship company, but did not introduce; for such are the amenities of the English system of caste.