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While working together closely, they began to develop feelings for each other. They first tried to ignore the feelings they have for each other due to their work circumstances but it didn't work out and they started having a secret love affair. When Olivia found out about that, she decided to break them apart because there would be consequences if the public knew about the love affair. Olivia asked Abby as a favor to offer Marcus a job at the White House in order to break him up with Mellie. Marcus then got the Press Secretary job at the White House. When he got the job, Mellie accuses him of choosing it over her and that he only slept with her climb the ladder.

But he told her he chose her and he would choose her, all she has to do is choose him. Mellie developed personal feelings for Rashad while working together on Middle East peace. They got closer each day working together and a sexual tension started to rise. When Mellie showed concerns about him going back to Bashran while things there were chaotic, they finally kiss. However, Mellie stopped him and she arranged a plane for him to go back to his country, Bashran, as he wanted to.

He promised her he would come back to the U. After Olivia receives a concussion during her confrontation with Jake Ballard, Fitz visits Olivia in the hospital. Mellie finds out from Hal Rimbeau that Fitz had not left Olivia's side since he arrived at the hospital. When Fitz comes home, he finds Mellie packing away her things, she's decided to move across the street to Blair House.

Mellie then tells Fitz that she is tired of dealing with Fitz's infidelity, and she is leaving him. She gives Fitz 36 hours to decide whether he wants to be with her and the family, or be with Olivia. If not, she threatens to expose the truth about Fitz's infidelity at a press conference and ruin his political career. When Olivia's name was released as the President's mistress Mellie went to Hal to see if he knew anything about the person who leaked the name to Vanessa Chandler.

For once he lied to Mellie, this time he sided with his President. Mellie and Olivia used to be friends and once had a trusting relationship.

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However, once she found out that Fitz was having an affair with Olivia, Mellie began to loathe Olivia. Her hate was not because of the affair itself, but because she realized that Fitz really loved Olivia. Although Mellie always hated Olivia, Olivia was the one she told about her rape and her affair with Andrew because Olivia was the only one who could help her.

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When Mellie decided that she wanted to be president, she went to Olivia and asked for advice. Olivia said that she couldn't work for her but Mellie didn't listen. Olivia then helped Mellie through writing her book and eventually ran Mellie's presidential campaign. Once Mellie and Olivia's relationships with Fitz were over, the two became good friends and began looking out for each other.

Olivia did her best to make Mellie president and, when their dreams came true, Olivia became Mellie's Chief of Staff. For more information on the relationship between Mellie and Olivia, visit their relationship page here.

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After Huck tortures her, Elizabeth goes to Mellie Grant for help. Mellie seduces Andrew and is able to steal his mobile phones; including the burner phone that he is using to contact Ian Woods. Mellie tells Elizabeth she needs to do something about Andrew "He needs to be shut down, shut up, rendered mute". Mellie reminds Lizzie that she slept with Andrew after Huck tortured her and threatened to hurt her daughter Jane.

When Rowan asked Mellie for a list of names, Mellie told Elizabeth to get the list. Not knowing that the list contained names of jurors that would later be on the B cases. Later, it is revealed that Rowan had Huck kill all of the jurors on their bus. Now knowing what the list was for, Mellie tells Elizabeth everything that happened between her and Rowan. For more information on the relationship between Mellie and Elizabeth, visit their relationship page here.

Sign In Don't have an account? Do you like this video? Mellie Grant Portrayed by Bellamy Young. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: Portrayed by Bellamy Young. President of the United States of America. Harmony half-sister Jerry Grant Jr. Lite beer choices for Canada were all over the place and our Canadian trivia group of the Space Cadets suggested Oland. Very impressive and much appreciated by his team mates. Quite a few recognized that the suited gentlemen were from the world of art and not hockey although some looked like hockey players in my eyes.

Seven teams knew that cystic fibrosis causes a salty skin on a baby. The scores in Round 5 dropped a bit and one of the tough questions was the piece by Spiral Starecase incorrectly spelled by the Positive Vibration team but credit was certainly given.

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This is a rare event that nobody knew the answer, which was the fallboard. I am sure I saw no high-fives in the House. An unusual answer was by the Boom Down team who suggested Yevgeny Zamyatin. The couple was appalled by the video, however. Whatever God had planned for Mike Pence, however, it was not to make him the Republican nominee that weekend.

Trump proved defiant in the face of pressure from party leaders. By the time Trump left St. The campaign stabilized. The race tightened. And on the night of November 8, , Pence found himself standing on a ballroom stage in Midtown Manhattan—silently, obediently, servant-leaderly—while Trump delivered the unlikeliest of victory speeches.

In political circles, there had been a widespread, bipartisan recognition that Pence was a decent man with a genuine devotion to his faith. But after watching him in , many told me, they believed Pence had sold out. Scott Pelath, the Democratic minority leader in the Indiana House of Representatives, said that watching Pence vouch for Trump made him sad.

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Of course, Pence is far from the only conservative Christian to be accused of having sold his soul. But the president has also enjoyed overwhelming support from rank-and-file conservative Christians. And while his national approval rating hovers below 40 percent, poll after poll finds his approval rating among white evangelicals in the high 60s. The fact that such an ungodly president could retain a firm grip on the religious right has been the source of much soul-searching—and theological debate—within the movement.

On one side, there are those who argue that good Christians are obligated to support any leader, no matter how personally wicked he may be, who stands up for religious freedom and fights sinful practices such as abortion. On the other side of the debate is a smaller group that believes the Christians allying themselves with Trump are putting the entire evangelical movement at risk.

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Russell Moore, of the Southern Baptist Convention, has made this case forcefully. But even as the debate rages on, there is one thing virtually all conservative Christians seem to agree on: Mike Pence. Regardless of how they voted or what they think about Trump, they feel a sense of identification with him, and trust in him. One pastor compared Pence to Mordechai, who ascended to the right hand of a Persian king known for throwing lavish parties and discarding his wife after she refused to appear naked in front of his friends.

Pence has also drawn comparisons to Daniel—who served a procession of godless rulers—and to Joseph of Egypt, the valiant servant of God who won the favor of an impetuous pharaoh known for throwing servants in prison when they offended him.