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Naomi asked, My question is, were there any aspects of the tech or worldbuilding that played a particularly significant part in character development, rather than plot? Oh my gosh, yes. Except for little things — like the wiregrams people use to communicate — every bit of tech should influence character in some way, whether by influencing the society that they lived in and therefore their worldview, or influencing them directly.

And hopefully everything else should illuminate something about character, if possible. Some of them just want to repress those emotions again, especially pain, and so there are tons of opium addicts. But there are more issues — for example, many people in the underclass were used as slave labor, and were modified with machinery grafted to their bodies. Some characters hate it and themselves; others love it. The change in her relationship to the machine reflects much of the change in her relationship to Mad Machen, and her self-confidence, as well.

I do think that when characters speak with a voice of authority, it goes a long way toward seeming authentic — and part of that is refraining from over explaining. Mina was the first character, I know that. None of that happens now, because the world evolved from those first scribbles — but from the very first the world and the character I was creating were intertwined. For other characters, the world is coming first.

I think: What type of person are we going to meet next, and why are they like that? Oh, wow. This is one of those questions that is almost impossible to answer, because there are really two answers. One: 8 years or so, when I first began thinking of writing steampunk. After getting the contract for the series, I began to nail those details down.

While writing one of my Guardian books last year, I spent every evening reading and working on the worldbuilding, until I had something really solid. Hi Meljean!!! Love that steampunk is gaining more and more steam! There seems to be a lot of discussion about what is steampunk and what is not going on all over the blogosphere. The more and more I read the Steampunk reviews the more I want to try it out!!

The Steampunk Beginners Guide Season 1

I remember the review to Clockwork Heart, and thought it looked very interesting. I just read clockwork heart a few weeks back aft Ana and Thea did the Steampunk week. It really fascinated me and I went on a shopping spree to buy some of the books they recommended. Thanks guys for introducing me to the genre. Would love to read this book, too. Sounds fascinating. Hell yeah, this book sounds like a blast! I am really looking forward to some steampunk romance. I love steampunk, I love romance — what better combination. I am an aspiring author.

Best Steampunk Books

I have finished several manuscripts and I recently started a steampunk romance of my own. I am loving the process as my first steampunk novel. But the punk part is tricky. I hope that clears it up! I want to thank everyone again for their wonderful comments, and to Ana and Thea for inviting me to post during their steampunk week. So, aside from general world-building, what, in your opinion does a steam-punk romance require, at least in your writing? Any specific types of technologies that you enjoy including, or specific character types that you think fit well into the genre?

John asks, So, aside from general world-building, what, in your opinion does a steam-punk romance require, at least in your writing? To me, that means influence machines, telegraphic communication, automata, steam engines of every size, coil guns, and so on. I just read Gaily Dayton and the first thing that came into my mind was it had a great steampunk feel but with magic. Please include me in the giveaway contest. The book sounds interesting. Many thanks for this discussion. I just devoured Girl Genius, and am now simply waiting for school to be over so I can dive into the world of steampunk.

I would love to read this book! I have never read anything by Meljean Brook, but this new series sounds good. Thank you so much for the intersting post! Thank you for making this giveaway international. What first attracted you to Steampunk? Throw in a love of adventure and action, and steampunk just seems like a natural fit.

How is it different from other conventional romance novels? You have the same elements that need to work: the main characters need chemistry, they need a believable relationship arc, and they need a happy-ever-after. I have been wanting to read this book for awhile now, especially since I have always found Steampunk interesting.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. But am I going to love it? And if the gadgets and the worldbuilding make the characters more interesting?

So am I going to love it? I am sure we will! By Ana. Twimom April 17, at am Thank you for this great piece! Kati April 17, at am Hi Meljean! Julia April 17, at am Looking forward to the novella!

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  • Moonsanity Brenda H. Lexi April 17, at am I also have a world building question.

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    Naomi April 17, at am I read the full excerpt of the novella and absolutely loved it. I have a quick question: what came first, the world or the characters? I am all for kick ass heroes taking down the bad guys with awesome gadgets. Hopefully you can change my mind. Snazel April 17, at am Ah-HA! Tiffany M. On another note, I adore the cover for Clockwork Heart!

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    Donna S April 17, at pm Thanks for sharing today! This looks like a good place to start! Without doubt, Lost Pages pays homage to some twentieth-century writers that matter to you.