The Camp Tripper

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Mikaela is the voice behind Voyageur Tripper, a blog dedicated to outdoor adventure - for those of us who aren't National Geographic explorers! She is at home with a paddle in one hand and a coffee in the other.

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The Camp Tripper

Laddas ned direkt. Through years of personal camping experience as a child, adult, and parent, he has discovered the secrets of how to enjoy camping trips to the fullest. Gleaned from research and years of personal experience, this guidebook presents helpful strategies for executing a trip from start to finish, including: [Researching and selecting campgrounds [Reserving great campsites [Calculating startup and camping trip costs [Packing effectively [Setting up camp efficiently [Creating a trip agenda [Experiencing successful camping [Breaking camp [Maintaining gear Geared for both new and seasoned campers, The Camp Tripper shares tips to help camping families avoid mistakes and overcome obstacles to experience a successful and memorable family camping trip in Ontario.

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Passar bra ihop. Camp Tripper Patrick Dzieciol Ontario is a paradise for camping and outdoor adventure. Ladda ned.