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Don't pussy out on me. I'm the one that should be having a hard time walking, not you," Tetsuo smirks, his eyes glinting mischievously. Ryoto's cheeks burn at his lover's comment.

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Tetsuo suddenly stops in his tracks and turns around, grabbing Ryoto's poncho and yanking him in close. They study each other for a moment, their eyes wandering all over each other's bruised, tired faces. Tetsuo smiles and brushes Ryoto's hair out of his eyes affectionately and lightly brushes his lips against his forehead.

Soon you won't be able to see through your bangs," he laughs. Ryoto rolls his eyes and pushes past him. Let's check it out," he says impatiently, itching to curl up and close his eyes. Tetsuo chuckles at his impatience and jogs to catch up to him. Careful charging ahead, though. I don't know this village.

It's not on the map. We should hide our headbands to seem unthreatening. There's probably no ninja here," Tetsuo suggests, untying his and shoving it into his pocket. Ryoto nods and does the same.

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They weave through the trees and make their way towards the buildings, their shoulders touching as they effortlessly match paces. Ryoto nods again and places a hand on his shuriken-pocket. They exchange glances and enter the village, being careful to stick to the shadows. A vulture pecking at a rabbit carcass sees them and spreads its wings. So much for being stealthy," Tetsuo mutters dryly under his breath as he watches the vulture explode up into the night sky. Ryoto leads the way as they press themselves up against a building and inch down the side of it. They both freeze when they hear voices and Tetsuo grabs Ryoto's wrist.

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A female cackles humorlessly in response. Ryoto and Tetsuo exchange glances again as they slowly carry on, curiously peeking around the corner of the building. Tetsuo's grip is reassuring on Ryoto's arm and encourages him to channel a bit of courage. A fire pit is illuminating an orange glow and is nestled in the center of what looks like the town square. But you have yet to win against her," another male is laughing, clapping someone on the back. There's a few shadowy figures standing around the fire pit, most of them looking dirty and unkept.


Griffin , the tales of corruption and danger in Rogue Town , not only from organized crime, but within the department itself, resembles a script for the next mob related movie, or episodes of a popular crime series for television. To do the right thing and keep honest cops in tact, Vito Colucci went deep under cover, often wearing a wire, to gather necessary information to expose the illegal drugs and gambling operations running rampant in the city, often putting himself and his family in dire danger.

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The reader is taken back to a day when the good guys and the bad guys meet head on creating the inevitable battle between good and evil. Retiring from the force, Colucci remains in the public eye as a Private Investigator in several high-profile crimes, as well as appearing as a media analyst on all the major news outlets.

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When that assignment ended I returned to the Narcotic Squad and Vito became my partner. Vito was a quick learner and very reliable.

He proved to be a good investigator with plenty of common sense, which is a big plus on the job. This book describes our times together, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is an honest history of the SPD, chronicling our trials and tribulations in the department and the City of Stamford.

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Joseph M. Rogue Town can be purchased directly from the publisher, Houdini Publishing , or through Amazon. Pingback: The Dr. January ImaginePublicity. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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