Rite of Passage

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Most young warriors begin how to fight in melee style combat, with what humans consider " Na'vi martial arts ", though what style they utilize is not as different as humans. Jake Sully once quipped that the Na'vi melee techniques are no different than that of Jujutsu.

Rite of passage

Once the Na'vi accomplishes profeciently in hand-to-hand combat, they move on to utilizing numerous weapons, primarily that of the bow. Rarely few seem to fail in utilizing the Na'vi bow with others exceeding in knife combat and blunt weapons. After completing their training with the bow, the parent then proceeds to bring their child to the forest to learn how to stalk prey. They are taught how to track their target, find their target, and watch their target for days on end.

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  • Once the parent believes their student has learned all their is, the hunt begins. Unlike hunters who train, warriors who are hunting normally hunt animals that are more evasive and when cornered, are more dangerous. Typically this can be the hexapede which, despite it's placid behavior, can be dangerous with its bite known to literally take chunks from skin.

    Once each Na'vi has completed their first kill, their rite of passage begins. Rarely few Na'vi are known to have failed. Here is a complete break down with each phase representing the level of which a Na'vi must successfully complete to be considered an adult amongst the Omaticaya.

    Like all Na'vi before them, their rite of passage's first phase is acquiring a banshee. Upon entering the Hallelujah Mountains , the young Na'vi is joined with others with his kin and are led by a senior member of the clan, most notably that of most skilled warrior of the clan. They must endure and climb miles across the mountains before coming upon a banshee nest. Here, they are tasked with roping an ikran and peforming the bond to tame it before having them fly. Normalized Environment.

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    Combining Evidence and Experience for 35 Years. For over three decades, Rite of Passage has offered at-risk and vulnerable youth opportunities to succeed through accredited education, industry-recognized vocational training, evidence-based practices and valuable relationships with our community partnerships. As a learning organization, Rite of Passage follows the latest research in the child welfare, education and juvenile justice fields, and offers youth the latest, evidence-based approaches. Rite of Passage is an advocate of families and communities.

    Over the course of human history ritual forms have emerged that coincide with significant transitions throughout our lives: birth, coming of age, marriage and death are marked and managed through life-cycle rituals.

    How did you become a man? The lost art of ritual rites of passage.

    Rites of passage were not waiting for someone to come along and name them. Humans are story-making creatures in ways that help them to understand and obtain meaning from life.

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    • In fact, many rite of passage offerings today are explicitly grounded in his three-stage model.