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We wanted to turn their hearts around the right way. As you read the quotes and walk along the bridge, you will eventually reach an emergency phone booth where you can speak directly to a counsellor. From a UX design perspective, this was an ideal solution. The whole experience, from going up the bridge depressed to feeling supported and calling the hotline, was seamless.

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One of the most important things about depression: Everyone has different problems, and an advice that works for one person might have an opposite effect for another. Here are a couple of controversial phrases on the bridge. People were also concerned about the long-term effects and the extent of the project. The signs were indeed successful in faltering suicidal thoughts on top of that bridge. But it was unclear if people had ended up getting support afterwards.

Without continuous therapy, suicide ideation can circle back at any time, and seeing the same quotes again might not be as effective as the first time. The experience was an instant painkiller, but not necessarily a cure to exterminate the virus. Online search website would be a perfect platform to implement effective suicide prevention in which we persuade the users to get support. Needless to say, it will get more exposure than any other preventive methods. On top of that, with interactive and evolving content, we can recreate and enhance the seamless experience of the bridge project.

Without any physical limitations, we can also present a much more personalized experience that targets individuals, solving chronic problems that many methods faced in the past. This is the first step to a personalized content. Know your enemies — identifying the causes will help us sympathize with users more. I wrote down as many causes as I could from research and experience.

I sorted them into five very broad categories, so that all victims can relate to at least one of them. The current automated interface feels impersonal because it is too uniform besides the sterility of design.

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A sincere conversation, rather than a one-way display, would be much more effective in delivering a personalized message. The first quote focused on the fact that although death might seem like the best option, there will always be better ways with proper support. The second quote actually came up as I was editing. It was inspired by lines from the original Deadpool comics Special thanks to my colleague Cheongho for the suggestion.

In this particular scene, Deadpool saves a woman from jumping off a building using his iconic dark humor.

Forget the cabin-in-the woods vibe

When she comes down to the ground, she asks Deadpool to take her back home. Instead, Deadpool takes her to a counseling center and says,. This felt electric. I realized how inflated the first quote could sound. Search engine is simply a messenger that guides users to professionals who can actually solve their problems. With that, I thought the following quote would be much more appropriate. But we can help you get there.


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With a Socratic mindset of accepting the shortcomings, we can finally carve a path to professional help for the users, instead of senselessly providing unqualified advice. Accepting the imperfection can also make things look more friendly and approachable. We can avoid this by asking the users why they feel suicidal, and displaying different quotes depending on what the causes are. Even the same words will be more powerful when it comes from people who share similar experiences.

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Upon reading real life stories that users can relate to, they will want to know more about ways to get support and live through their tragedies just as the survivors did. This is a redesign, not a new service that I am launching. One principle I value the most when redesigning an existing interface is respecting the original design principles.

Design is never just about making it look pretty.

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My initial plan was to have a full-screen display for a more immersive experience. I selected symbols and icons from Google Material Design library to further pursue design consistency. Just like the movie title watch it if you want to cry your heart out , blue gives relaxation and is the most used color in mental therapy. Blue can reduce tension throughout the body and help people with anxiety and depression. I chose a low saturated, dreamy but not hazy colors summer sky in San Francisco to soothe suicide ideation victims.

For buttons with emphasis, I used a color with slightly more saturation for better contrast.

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This is the first interface users will face and interact with upon a suicide-related search. We are only a search engine… , followed by a friendly question that asks to choose one of five main causes for suicidal thoughts.

These are five very broad and vague categories, and detailed examples of each will slide up from the bottom when users hover on the icons. On the bottom-right, there will be a contact information so anyone can call for support at any time. Within the chosen category, users will be asked to narrow down and specify their issues. This will take them to a text-input interface where they can freely write about their issues, since I believe sharing issues out loud can always relieve stress to a certain extent.

The experience will end with an emphasized contact information of suicide hotline. John, a college student, has failed all his exams and lost his scholarship. He can no longer pursue his education. Out of hope, John has had suicidal thoughts for almost a month. He finally thinks that nothing will ever get better, and looked up for ways to kill himself on Google. I wanted to design an automated response that was sincere and caring. Machines at least for now are not as sincere as humans. It was very important to accept this as it allowed me to focus on what machines are superior at — processing variables and displaying dynamic content.

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