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To retaliate to the English takeover and to prevent complete extermination of its religious community mainly French , the clergy told its sheeple to make many many babies so the English would never become a majority. This phenomenon is called "revenge of the cradle". As a result, in addition to being unable to score high paying jobs, parents had to support many children.

This means that they lived in almost perpetual poverty. They couldn't afford to aspire to anything greater. Then, the first universities to have appeared in Quebec were English. Many years later the first French universities appeared and if my memory serves me right they were religious, so a large number of the guys who went to university became clergymen. At that time, French families were still very large so parents could seldom afford to send anyone to University or whatever other higher education existed at that time. It is still not very long ago that families were large. My grandmother had 9 children.

A guy in my village has something like 10, his oldest being Now things are totally backward. Quebec has the lowest birthrate in Canada if I remember correctly. The importance of getting an education has never been very ingrained in our culture as a result of all that. It still shows today. Thanks for the history lesson! Chances are that when I mentioned what I did, it was in reference to British versus French colonies. I believe that the British colonies ended off far better off financially because the Brits were interested in trade with their colonies and the French were simply interested in draining them.

Here is a fact. Canada lost jobs in July, of those were in Quebec. Nationalists can argue all they want, but these pathetic numbers are a direct result of our incompetent separatist government that is only focused on linguistic issues instead of the state of the nation and by nation I mean province. You'll get a very different picture. I haven't heard any of you call the Alberta or Ontario's gouvernment incompetent when their economy crumbled in while Quebec had a way less severe recession. Yall need to stop taking this language thing so personally.

Most quebecers, including many separists will be the first one to say it when language laws or their engorcers are going too far. Chill out anglos. We'll still be friends and Im sure that Loblaws and RBC wont stop doing business in Quebec just because we become independent. Lol Yannick, Liberals were at government in , and this since years. Nevertheless, quebec is doing really bad on the side of entrepreneurship.


We're really more leftists with our social programs and everything.. You better get used to separatists. The world is made of separated nations in separated countries. Wow, massive job losses in July. That's new. Job losses and job creation goes through a cycle. Learn your economy. Actually, why don't you stfu when you don't know what you're talking about. Because there is no way that you can have taken that PQ being the cause of job losses anywhere other than out of your a ss. Harper is the one who caused job losses. So yeah. Learn to notice when you're going to talk out of your a ss and stop yourself from doing it.

Please, tell me what kind of divination powers you used to "know" that it would have been worse under a different government. Put a sock in it Endo. If Harper was responsible for the job loses, how come they're all in Quebec? I wanted to recommend this but I can't.

  • My Innocence Lost!

I'm not a fan of the oppressive language laws but this author does not identify the consequences, especially the financial and economic consequences, of the laws. He does not explain HOW the laws hurt Quebec, but rather just bitches about what he doesn't like and or agree with. I would have liked for the author to give details on the negative outcomes of the laws and how Quebeckers are suffering, specifically in financial and economic terms he does write for the Economist after all!

But that's not the case. It's just someone venting. I entirely agree, Mark. It is sad that The Economist imports that noxious habit of Quebec-bashing that is prevalent in English-Canadian media. Accusations of Nazism against Quebeckers also are all too frequent, among other things. I stand by my earlier comment that the language police should be abolished. Nevertheless, you don't ask someone to correct a wrong by the way of insults, otherwise you might as well get the opposite result.

Psychology , isn't it?

Comments on Language in Canada: Polly wants un craquelin | The Economist

You want that back?? That's so wrong on so many levels, but first and foremost it's extremely disrespectful towards African American and also very ignorant to make such a statement. We had money back then. We were actually important and had influence in Canada and the world. Not today. An international joke too!

It's embarrassing. What the PQ and their friends have done is pathetic and has been very destructive to our society, especially economically. Canada Libre, you obviously come across as an frustrated and angry person with a major chip on your shoulder. I see you as part of the problem and not the solution.

I suggest you go see a therapist to deal with your emotions, control your anger and work towards a happier life. Except for the Natives who were in concentration camps reservations , the living conditions of every other ethnic groups in Canada anglos, italian, jews, greek, irish, etc. He draws parallels between the social and economic position of French Canadians and slaves in the United States, hoping to show that both cultural groups have been brought to the continent to serve as the lower, under, and working class for a common oppressor.

Montreal and Quebec used to be the highlight of Canada, and unfortunately all the separatist's have manage to do is extinguish the light and hold Quebec back instead of allowing it to prosper. Very sad indeed!! How can the economist publish an article that is so important yet have gross factual errors in it? Whoever wrote this article has no credibility.


I wonder how many other facts he or she because the author is not named got wrong. Also-the sign law--it's not 3 times bigger in terms of letter size. It's 2 times bigger.

It's okay to have a point of view--but please do not repeat "facts" that are actually completely off. Also, in New York-there are rules about language on signs. And there are dozens, if not hundreds of other countries around the world with language laws. This person just has an axe to grind.

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Too bad the economist gave him or her a platform. The language police and the underlying legislation but not the whole language law bundle are a shame and should be scrapped altogether. My perception is that they're the single most important source of frustration and anger from the English-speaking community. They are un-liberal, and that clashes heavily with the values of many, if not most, citizens of Quebec and, of course, the readers of this newspaper.

Some aspects of the current language legislation as a whole are indeed acceptable and even necessary considering the peculiar situation of Quebec within North America and Canada; but the more controversial clauses, which are often the object of ridicule from some media, obscure the picture by making many people very emotional and rightly so when speaking of the subject. By the way, the French-speaking media tend to not report those horror stories as often as the English-speaking ones.

Or is it the other way around?