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Whether you're a beginner, casual student, a linguist or a professional, ACON can be a valuable resource for you when you are learning or using Arabic. ACON uses an advanced grammar engine to provide comprehensive Arabic verb conjugation. Many other conjugation resources fall short when it comes to special cases, such as double-letter roots or weak roots.

ACON handles these grammatical cases very well and automatically applies correct rules to any verb you input.

Top Arabic Learning Apps

For its comprehensive functionality and simplicity, ACON is used by top universities around the world, such as Oxford and Yale, as well as by UN, EU Commission and a range of other institutions globally. Lughatuna is a suite of dictionaries covering three popular Arabic dialects — Modern Standard Arabic, Levantine, and Egyptian Colloquial. The three dictionaries are separately available online as a part of the Living Arabic Project. The iPhone and Android apps combine the three dictionaries. The multi-dialect approach of Lughatana makes it a unique resource when it comes to Arabic-English dictionaries.

Contents in the dictionary have been carefully crafted, reviewed and edited for accuracy and simplicity. In many cases, you get a lot more than simply the meaning of a given word. You can also look up word roots as well as Arabic phrases, proverbs, definitions and everyday sayings. Download Now: Apple , Android. Download now. The app offers a gentle learning curve, taking users through well-structured lessons, featuring alphabets together with their pronunciations and their Latin counterparts to make them more relatable with learners.

The alphabet is then presented and highlighted as part of complete words and phrases.

This is incredibly helpful in understanding the context and use of the alphabets. The app features quizzes along the course path to test your learning and progress. The course draws on the Arabic teaching method used by professional Arabic teachers at university level. A truly wonderful app giving you the ability to recognize, write, read and pronounce Arabic alphabets accurately.

Learn Arabic is an educational app geared towards non-Arabic speakers. It is particularly useful if you are traveling to the Middle East or need to master the basics of the Arabic language fairly quickly. The app has plenty of useful resources, starting from the basics such as alphabets and numbers, and progressing to more advanced vocabulary. It even teaches you to speak basic Arabic sentences and muster simple conversations in the language.

Audio examples are provided throughout the app, making sure you pronounce the words and sentences just right. Although limited to the language fundamentals, the app is very useful if you want conversational Arabic at your fingertips. Rocket Arabic takes an innovative, scientific approach to learning Arabic.

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The app bases lessons on the fact that human mind can retain only so many words or objects at any given time. The Rocket Arabic courses use bite-sized lessons and courses backed by scientific algorithms to reinforce the words or phrases you struggle with. All in all - an indispensable learning app!

Most of the videos on the channel are delightfully simple, focusing on Arabic phrases, letters, numbers and specific words, which makes it easier to retain the information.

How to Learn Arabic: The Definitive Guide For 12222

We also love that Mike also discusses various cultural and social aspects of learning the language. He uses music, film and popular culture mediums to bridge the gap between English and Arabic. Mike attracts a mixed audience of native speakers and non-native learners from all over the world, with an enviable subscriber base of over 55,!

Check out Mike's channel. The videos on the channel are a real joy to watch as Nadia uses animations, illustrations and interesting stories to convey the essentials of the language. The channel is a part of the broader resource available on the AWN website. The woman behind the rich resource platform is Nadia Selim, a professional Arabic teacher with a doctoral focus on Arabic leaning. Selim is particularly interested in using linguistics and computer-aided learning, and these aspects shine through the videos and other interactive materials she has created.

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Check out Nadia's channel. The best way to help kids learn a new language is by making it fun and interactive. The channel contains a ton of free content on the basics of the Arabic language. From fun animations to videos with real kids demonstrating Arabic numbers, colors and alphabets, the content is specifically geared at the young learners. The videos are colorful and go through the rudimentary basics such as days of the weeks, names of the months, time and date in Arabic, and animal names. Kallimni 'Arabi Bishweesh is perfect for beginners who have absolutely no previous reading or writing background in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic.

The book focuses on this particular dialect of Arabic, which is the most widely understood around the Arab world. It takes a holistic approach to learning the language combining comprehensive grammar with everyday cultural content and conversational fluency in real-world scenarios. Authored by Samia Louis who has been professionally teaching Arabic in Cairo for 15 years, the book comes with rich resources including MP3 files with audio dialogues and vocal exercises.

This combination of theory with practice and literary with practical tasks makes this book a very handy resource for those looking to communicate effectively in Arabic. Imagine if you could somehow figure out the least amount of vocabulary and grammar you need to learn a language. Sounds good, right? The good news is that this textbook does precisely that. The book focuses on introducing the bare minimum amount of vocabulary and grammar whilst giving you functional fluency in reading and writing Arabic. Learning a new language is quite a challenge. You have to pick up a new alphabet, grammar, vocabulary and foreign sounds which you may have never before used in your life.

American History - Part 014 - British are Defeated - THE MAKING OF A NATION - VOA Learning English

In fact, it is this latter part many Arabic learners struggle with. The language has many unique sounds which may be completely new to non-native speakers, and this is where Fluent Forever comes in. This intelligent guide deconstructs the Arabic language for you. The book guides you on how to build an understanding of the language and its sounds from the ground up. What's more, if you are having trouble pronouncing the words right, the book helps you out with various tips and tricks.

Gateway to Arabic is a detailed guide to reading and writing Arabic, useful if you're starting from scratch.

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The practice exercises included in the book are really enjoyable. This comprehensive unit book covers all the key aspects of Arabic — reading, writing, speaking and listening. As well as delivering excellent language resources, the book also covers additional aspects of learning, such as how to learn a new language and how to formulate language rules to master Arabic quickly. The book is even complemented by online audio support where you can listen to real conversations in Arabic and master the spoken language.

We Love Arabic is a blog managed by Ruth Ahmedza, a professional linguist. Along her journey mastering Arabic, she realised how hard it can be to find genuinely useful resources. By taking into consideration different levels and backgrounds of the learners as well as the dialect variations within Arabic, WLA offers resources for every Arabic language learner.

The blog contains links to conversational Jordanian Arabic, songs in Levantine Arabic, Arabic books and novels, films, courses, and a range of community resources besides. As an Arabic learner, you are sure to dig up something that suits your taste, learning level and preferences. Check it out. ArabLit is a superb blog covering daily news, views on the Arab world, Arab literature an contains useful resources for students, teachers, translators and professionals within the Arabic-English context.