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Instead, aid allocation is highly political. Different U. Contrast aid for refugees and aid for people in war zones.

Small and Informal Businesses Collaborate World Humanitarian Day at AIDMI

Over 13 million people in Syria are in need of food, water, health and educational assistance, according to the United Nations. Another 5. But because of the way funding is allocated to different U. Office of the Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs and the U.

Thomas G. Weiss, "Humanitarian Business"

For donors, Konyndyk implies, supporting refugees is more politically expedient than supporting disaster relief. The business of aid can also generate perverse turf wars on the ground.

A local NGO building providing primary care. In this episode, we dissect the humanitarian business model through the lens of the Ebola epidemic and the refugee crisis. Rate and review Displaced on Apple Podcasts — it really does help new listeners find us! Sign in.

Rethinking the Humanitarian Business Model | Center For Global Development

Get started. Jeremy Konydyk on the flaws in the humanitarian business model.

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Bureaucracy, turf wars and miscoordination are part and parcel of the U. But the U. The Airbel Impact Lab Follow.

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Disrupting the traditional humanitarian business model holds risks that must be managed carefully. Solid project management skills, from developing strategic business plans to implementation with very limited time and resources, are moreover crucial in the non-profit arena. The Strategic Leadership for Humanitarian Security program aims to equip NGO Security Professionals with management skills necessary to reach even greater heights in the non-profit space.

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This unique program, initiated and designed together with European Interagency Security Forum EISF , brings together business and non-profit learning, thereby broadening horizons and maximizing the benefits for humanitarian executives. We want to meet you! Discover everything we can offer you. Start your online application and take the next step forward in your career.

Start admission process. Date May 18th - 22nd, Duration One week. Schedule half day on Day 5.

Format Face to face. Location Madrid.