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Courtney Sullivan.

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Holding On To Nothing is her debut novel. She lives outside Boston with her husband and four children.

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Cart 0. Books Holding On To Nothing. Add To Cart. Facebook 0 Twitter Pinterest 0. Play "Holding on to You" on Amazon Music. This song is talking about taking control over depression and suicidal thoughts. Such a meaningful song to me. It's defently about God, he even said it in an Interview, that almost all of his songs are about God and his faith. Holding onto you is a very meaningful song.

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The most obvious interpretation is what I will explain. That he is being undone and being put back together.

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This may be a deity such as God which has evidence below or someone who he has lost that has made him depressed. So he is thinking about suicide. Now from some research I have gathered what the left side brain does.

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So it focuses in logic, thinking, actions and math. Now this makes sense. You think twice about your life It probably happens at night, right? He is taking back in charge of his body and having a purpose. Or like a leash like you leash a pet, you are the owners, you are in charge. Sometimes you just need to lay back and laugh at the world. Jumping out the window, life, and especially the fact that mostly people to it at night cuz thats the time no one worries or notices about you. I'm taking over my body, back in control, no more shotty, I bet a lot of me was lost t's uncrossed and i's undotted.

I fought it a lot and it seems a lot like flesh is all I got, not anymore, flesh out the door, swat.

This sounds like fighting depression after a loved one's death, it makes sense as the song continues I must have forgot, you can't trust me, I'm open a moment and closed when you show it and before you know it I'm lost at sea. And now that I think and write about it and the story unfolds, you should take my life, you should take my soul. Explaining how distant and untrustworthy you have become and feeling guilty for being this way. Tom Rimshot Beautiful deep music with melodic subtleties that isn't in a big hurry to go anywhere.

Lovely to put on repeat and get lost in.

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If you like Yagya you will love this one. Christian Arnsperger. Steve Lake. Floyd Pepper. John Shaeffer.

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