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Finding Me consists of seven modules. Each module contains videos where Dr. Ledford introduces a therapeutic story, tells the story and then discusses the implications of that story. Each module also contains specific exercises designed for that module and proposed leader discussion questions. Each module has learning objectives and behavioral goals.

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While most modules can be completed in one meeting, multiple sessions for particular modules are acceptable. As a psychoeducational program, participants will complete only Part 1. The Finding Me Program is designed to be used by professional or paraprofessionals e. Module 2 : Learning to Love Yourself and Understanding. Module 3: Understanding the Power of Perception.


Module 5: Comparing Yourself to Others and Learning to. Module 6: Recovering from Abuse and Helplessness.

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Module 7: Dealing with Unhealthy Relationships and. It is an asset to the healing process when youth have experienced some type of trauma in their lives. Photo: Marco Grob. In , Michelle Knight, a young single mom in Cleveland, was on her way to a social services appointment in hopes of regaining custody of her son. What happened next forever altered her path. Around —the time of my scheduled appointment—I had just made it back into my neighborhood. I was dying for something to drink. Once inside, I noticed that the store seemed crowded. Making my way to the soda aisle,I noticed a nice-looking woman.

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Maybe she can help me, I thought. She lowered the container of deodorant she was holding and looked at me, then at the address. It could be someplace downtown. Feeling hopeless, I pushed the paper into my front pocket, grabbed a soda, and lined up at the register. The cashier, a stocky blonde woman, seemed a little frazzled. After I paid, I started for the door. Then I thought, Maybe I should ask the cashier if she knows where the address is , and I circled back to the counter.


As she was ringing up another customer, I pulled out my sheet and showed it to her. Something seemed off, but once Ariel apologized, I excused his strong grip as an innocent mistake. Plus, I trusted him more than I would have trusted a stranger. Do you know where this is? She eyed the address for a moment.

Finding Me

He stepped forward to pay for his items, a couple of screwdrivers and a can of car oil. As the cashier finished ringing him up, I got a better look at him. His thick, wavy hair was uncombed and fluffed out a bit over his olive skin. He looked about forty years old. His pot belly spilled out over the top of his black jeans.

His shirtsleeves were rolled up to his elbows. How can he walk around with flannel on in the summer? I wondered. He caught me staring, and when I shifted my gaze, he smiled at me again. As ratty as he was, he certainly seemed like a decent enough guy. He shoved his change into his back pocket and stepped toward me in his brown work boots.

When he leaned in toward me, I caught a whiff of him: He smelled just like transmission fluid.

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I paused. As we walked out the front door together, he took me by the upper arm. His grip seemed a little too tight.

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But not even a second later he loosened it. In that moment, something seemed off, but once he apologized, I excused his strong grip as an innocent mistake.

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Plus, I trusted him more than I would have trusted a complete stranger. The inside of his truck looked as grubby as he did. Big Mac wrappers were scattered all over the floor. A couple of old Chinese food containers were wedged in a corner near the carpeted foot rest on my side. The knobs to open the two front windows were both missing. He slid the key into the ignition and started the car. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, he jerked the steering wheel hard and we began spinning. Frozen, I clutched the side of the seat.

I like to do that with my kids sometimes. I giggled a little. I knew from Emily that her dad was a bit silly, like when he talked to her in a hillbilly voice. I sat back in my seat and tried to relax. We pulled out of the lot. As we rode along and chatted, I told him about Joey, about how this appointment was so important because I wanted to get him back. Ariel nodded sympathetically. I can give her some money, and maybe you two can go to the mall together later on. I looked over at him.

Emily and I can go to the mall another day. We rode along for another minute while he talked all about how much he loved motorcycles and how he was trying to sell one. When we stop there, maybe I can give you one. Then when you get Joey back, you can give him a puppy. What a nice idea—Joey would love another puppy, I thought. That would make a great coming-home present. On Seymour Avenue, we slowed down in front of a white, two-level house that was within blocks of where I lived—I recognized the street.