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Katie is an elder millennial tourism professional and travel writer who sees no problem with being a little silly.

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She uses her blog, Weird Travel Friend , to share insight about the unusual, under-reported, and budget-friendly sites in the places she visits. She can be found on all the social medias, but sharing pretty pictures with painstakingly researched captions on her Instagram, weirdtravelfriend. Image via Unsplash.

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But you know what we have now just over 3 years past our wedding as of original writing? Money in the bank, and no debt to speak of.

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Occasionally, unexpected money finds its way to you. Larger than anticipated tax refunds , birthday money, side gig income, or work bonuses can all be a major blessing if you use them properly. We knew from the start that as long as we were trying to pay off debt fast, ANY extra money we got was going to go straight to debt. Windfalls are great and should catapult you toward your debt free goal, not a new shiny thing that will be worthless within the next five years. Perhaps the biggest key to getting debt free is enjoying the process. In the end, we knew we were making some temporary sacrifices in order to have a lifetime of freedom.

Across the scope of our entire lives, 23 months is not very long. We always reminded ourselves of that fact so that the many years of debt freedom ahead would motivate us to enjoy where we were. It does take time but paying off debt can be a super rewarding thing.

8 Ways to Pay For a Vacation Without Adding Debt

May 7, Explore Alli R. When you're planning a vacation, do you decide to jump in the car and go wherever Some people believe that having a budget is restrictive, but it actually helps you With some serious planning, gumption, and grit your debt could be gone. Set up a vacation-friendly money and credit system. Here are a few tips for planning a cheap vacation Once it is gone, it should be gone so you don't blow your entire vacation budget.

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It's really easy to let the budget slide during the summer break. Hey, we've all done it before—taking that extra day of vacation, going to the Many people find themselves back in debt or struggling with money when fall Just give every dollar a name on paper before you get your paycheck so it won't all be gone in a week. Essential Things to Remember Before Leaving on Vacation online about when you depart, your destination or how long you'll be gone. But thankfully, Travis Pizel, a blogger with Enemy of Debt, is not like most people. You can't legally be sued for a debt that's time-barred, or past the statute of limitations on debt.

The debt may not be gone for good.

How We Visited 8 New Countries in 2 Years – While Also Paying Off 58k in Student Debt

Learn to Create a Budget. Dare to be different and enjoy your next vacation debt-free. That is the amount to you'll need to include in your monthly budget. How many days will you be gone? What types of activities If people don't plan or budget for their trip, they typically over spend and use credit cards or debt to ensure they can still go on their vacation.

If you are planning to.


But during that time we also bought and sold houses, took vacations, changed finances because you have a budget right? The money you pay toward debt is going toward things that have already.