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Aftermath follows directly in the wake of the Stones' trilogy of songs based on their American Experience: " I Can't Get No Satisfaction ", " Get Off of My Cloud " and " 19th Nervous Breakdown ", and it establishes that they had gained sufficient confidence in their own writing prowess to present an album of all-original material. Though perhaps they weren't aware of it then, their initial adrenalin rush which had sustained them for three years was just about exhausted.

However, the sheer momentum of their struggle for Stateside supremacy enabled them to pull off this coup de grace without showing any signs of artistic fatigue. Not all dumb, not by any means, but that's how one got. You got really cut off. Recording Industry Association of America. Retrieved 23 March Retrieved 1 December Retrieved 23 October Archived from the original on 9 November Retrieved 2 December The A.

Available at Rock's Backpages subscription required. The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 27 November Retrieved 30 November Retrieved 28 November The Huffington Post. Retrieved 26 November The History of Rock Record Mirror. Melody Maker. Stereo Review. Retrieved 25 September Retrieved 29 November Entertainment Weekly. Archived from the original on 10 June Retrieved 23 December Acclaimed Music.

Retrieved 16 March — via robertchristgau.

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Rolling Stone. January Archived from the original on 14 August Retrieved 21 August Retrieved 19 September The Rolling Stones. Official Charts Company. Retrieved 9 April Bockris, Victor Keith Richards: The Unauthorised Biography. London: Hutchinson. Bonanno, Massimo London: Plexus. Christgau, Robert Harvard University Press. Clayson, Alan Cassell Illustrated. Dalton, David Davis, Stephen According to the Rolling Stones. Janovitz, Bill New York, NY: St.

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Martin's Press. Kot, Greg In Graff, Gary; Durchholz, Daniel eds. Larkin, Colin The Encyclopedia of Popular Music. London: Omnibus Press.

Levy, Shawn Ready, Steady, Go! London: Fourth Estate. Malvinni, David Margotin, Philippe; Guesdon, Jean-Michel Running Press.

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Moon, Tom In Brackett, Nathan; Hoard, Christian eds. London: Fireside. Archived from the original on 12 April Norman, Philip The Stones. Perone, James E. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger. Salewicz, Chris London: Orion. Smith, Chris Strong, Martin C. The Great Rock Discography. Edinburgh, UK: Canongate. Wyman, Bill Rolling with the Stones.

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London: Dorling Kindersley. Book Category. The Rolling Stones album discography. It happens before even he can make sense of what it means, making it the first use of the power in this MCU-integrated incarnation. Every Marvel moviegoer knows that it's bound to arrive at some point, and be impossible to miss - yet the sudden appearance of comic book legend Stan Lee still takes viewers by surprise.

When Peter notices the spaceship hovering over New York City, he relies on the shocked reactions from his fellow students to let him slip away as Spider-Man. Apparently, Stan Lee's cover story is starting to slip, since he's anything but shocked, acting as if seeing a spaceship is old news.

Hopefully none of Peter's fellow students noticed that their bus driver is actually a cosmic narc. Morgan Stark wasn't Tony's son, but his cousin, at least in the classic comics.

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Originally introduced as the scheming son of Howard Stark's brother, later comics would see Morgan's jealousy towards Tony transform him into the supervillain Ultimo operating a massive mechanical monster. According to her, every time she lost to her sister Gamora, Thanos would replace a part of her with an artificial one. When Thanos takes Gamora to see her sister in the flesh, the scene is a grisly one - Nebula broken down into her constituent mechanical parts in Thanos's version of a rack.

Well, one video game that is actually shown in the film, and makes the trip in Groot's hands from just about the beginning of the film to the end. The game is probably not a coincidence, since it challenges players to take out wave after wave of alien enemies, while trying to protect them from abducting humans on the planet's surface below. The pace of the movie takes little time to ramp up, with Tony Stark jogging in the park one minute, and learning about Thanos in Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum the next.

It's hard to know what stuns Tony most - this new threat apparently coming to take on Earth, or an ego that might finally rival his own - but he takes longer than usual to process it all. While doing so, he absentmindedly stretches out his legs by holding himself up on a large fixture in Strange's foyer. That object, as Strange soon points out, is "The Cauldron of the Cosmos," and therefore a bit more important than a stretching post. That is, unsurprisingly, another callback to the Marvel Comics magic of Strange.

The Cauldron of the Cosmos was used on a handful of occasions to allow Strange to look deep into the history of the world. So it's no surprise to see him take on look at Thanos on Knowhere and point out the marketing mascot he most closely resembles. And as some fans may not know, Grimace actually started his life as an antagonist of Ronald McDonald, not a friend.

He also had another set of arms and loved to steal milkshakes. Some have pointed to this fact as another layer to the joke, suggesting that the villainous version of Grimace is actually the version Peter Quill is referring to since he wasn't around on Earth to see the purple blob shift sides against the war of the Hamburglar. While the character would be well known to Peter from his s childhood, Grimace was a friendly mascot long before Peter left Earth in Left to watch over the Soul Stone - by which we mean explain to people what they must do to claim it, without being able to himself.

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His Weaving impression isn't bad, either. However he wound up as the gatekeeper to the Soul Stone, Red Skull certainly knows his stuff. When Thanos arrives the human villain already knows the Mad Titan's identity, as well as Gamora's. Also knows Mentor in the comics, that was the name held by the father of Thanos.

Why does that matter so much? The ancient alien race has been discussed by Marvel recently as a group and storyline that may wind up explored in future films.

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Which means the namedrop here certainly seems like the first seed being planted. If Thanos isn't your favorite design, don't worry. The shots in the movie that show his homeworld Titan reveal that most of his people look just like regular humans. The Deviant genetics that made Thanos the way he is also played a role in his mother, Sui-San, wanting to kill him the moment he was born. In the comics, the destruction of half the universe's lifeforms was actually credited to Lady Death, who had resurrected Thanos with new powers to do just that.

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When Red Skull is introduced - bearing the face of a literal skull, wrapped in a black cloak concealing almost his entire face - some in the audience were sure to feel their hearts stop. For these two, it's apparently occasional trysts away from their respective commanders, meeting only in secret. This rendezvous has taken place in Scotland, but the pair soon discover that Thanos has come to New York City thanks to a news broadcast in a nearby shop window.

That bit of set dressing has been quickly spotted by audiences in the United Kingdom, where Scotland's love of deep fried foods of any imaginable kind is common knowledge.

Лідери продажу в категорії

Outsiders see the sign as a shot being taken, while the Scots have taken just as much pride, meaning the crew members responsible for it have clearly accomplished their mission. M'Baku was the first to let his war cry be heard, chanting to responses from his Mountain Tribe brothers - and he returns to do the same throughout the battle against Thanos's forces in Wakanda. But it isn't just "Wakanda Forever" that the Black Panther himself gets to chant, right before the combined soldiers sprint towards their enemy. That's not a made up bit of language substituting for a Wakanda chant, either.

It's taken from the Xhosa language spoken by almost 20 million people across the south of Africa. Things actually seem to be going in the heroes' favor when they unite at Wakanda to form their own resistance army. Soldiers who eventually are revealed to be an alien swarm of multi-legged, rabid creatures. These aliens are known as Outriders in the comics, and faithful servants of Thanos.

Faithful because they have no choice, and are grown to do nothing but die for Thanos's will.