Anthropologie des savoirs (French Edition)

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Lieux de savoir

More complete knowledge of galaxy evolution requires understanding the process of star formation and the interaction between the interstellar radiation field and interstellar medium ISM in galactic environments traversing a wide range of physical parameter space. We focus on the impact of massive star formation on the surrounding low The dust properties and physical conditions of the interstellar medium in the LMC massive star-forming complex N.

Anthropologie des savoirs French Edition Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Anthropologie des savoirs French Edition Bookeveryone.

Prof Laëtitia Atlani-Duault

Bonne visite! An analysis of the sum of knowledge produced on the subject of Haitian Voodoo reveals how little empirical materiel can be found on this magico-religious subject.

Agora des Savoirs - Bernard Stiegler - Automatismes et désautomatisations

The scarcity of material constitutes a partial explanation for the limited knowledge-base involving Voodoo and raises questions as to certain widely-accepted conclusions found in the socio-anthropological literature. To shed new light on the issue, the author suggests an approach to the requirements and conditions particular to the anthropoligical terrain in Haiti based on his collection of data in rural Haiti and subsequent microsocial analysis of Voodoo knowledge and practices.

The article describes his experience, putting particular emphasis on the relationship between the terrain and Voodoo, difficulties that can be encountered and strategies that can ultimately be drawn on to acquire a better understanding of Voodoo. He suggests that the influence of the complexity of the anthropoligical terrain on Voodoo may explain in part why there is so little empirical material available on the subject.

These intrinsic parameters include the contents of the texts such as themes, terminology, metaphors, concepts and theoretical assumptions. Furthermore, the circulation of texts in space means that their theoretical or analytical claims are tested in places other than the one from which they emerged.


This is a particularly important issue for the humanities and social sciences, because an aspiration to general, or even universal knowledge, has given way, across the field, to conscious reflexivity. It is therefore important to question the specific performativity of travelling texts, the binding nature of their exposition and argumentation, their rhetoric, and their need to maintain silence on certain topics and certain uncomfortable references. This issue aims to cover a wide range of cases, both geographically and historically, drawn, where possible, from different disciplines sociology, history, philosophy, anthropology, political sciences, etc.