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Crew members visited Vatican City as tourists and extensively photographed the city to capture as much detail as possible, knowing they were unlikely to be allowed to film there, so that they could recreate the sets as faithfully as possible. Although the novel upon which this film is based is set before the events of the novel "The Da Vinci Code", the film has been written as a sequel to The Da Vinci Code He declined, despite being offered the role personally by Tom Hanks.

Several cameos can be seen in the movie. Ewan McGregor suggested to Ron Howard that he could do the sequence where the Camerlengo tells the Cardinals about the Illuminati entirely without breaking it into several segments, as he felt that he could pull it off, having known all of his lines.

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Howard agreed to his suggestion and proceeded to film it. The take was very good, much to the applause of everyone, that it was the only shot taken, and used in the final film. Ron Howard has said in interviews that he plans on completing a Robert Langdon trilogy, by filming the next story in the series, "The Lost Symbol. Inferno was released in October Tom Hanks underwent strenuous training for Langdon's introductory scene in the pool. Ron Howard liked his audition so much that he offered him the role of Chartrand in this movie.

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The production had to build a scale replica of St. Peter's Square since Vatican officers banned the movie from being filmed on its grounds. In the previous film, Langdon remarks to Sophie Neuveu that perhaps she cured his claustrophobia by laying her hands upon him.


It appears that she did so indeed, as in this movie Langdon is twice confined in a small, glass room with poor ventilation and seems un-fazed. He also seems fine when he needs to squeeze through a small alley between two very close walls in his search for the bomb. However, in the sequel Inferno , there's a scene where Robert mentions that he is claustrophobic. Clint Eastwood expressed interest in directing the film, but Ron Howard was contractually obligated to it, because of his contract from The Da Vinci Code This can be seen on the ring being destroyed by the Camerlengo.

Art and architecture

Tom Hanks ' first live action sequel. Inferno , the third movie in the Robert Langdon series, would be his next. This movie became the first big-screen casualty of the Hollywood writer's strike in , because Akiva Goldsman 's script still needed work, and he was on strike with the Writers Guild of America.

So, production of the movie had to be postponed. When the camera pans around the heads of the apostles in St. Peter's Square, one of the apostles looks very much like Ron Howard. At the very beginning, where the Columbia Pictures girl is standing, holding aloft the torch, it flickers like the anti-matter.

Hans Zimmer composer of the three films, called it as the official Robert Langdon theme. When Langdon is in his office speaking with the Vatican employee, you can see a "Phillips Exeter Academy" flag on the wall. Ayelet Zurer didn't read the book till after finishing on the film.

Angels & Demons (8/10) Movie CLIP - We Are at War (2009) HD

She felt her portrayal was identical to Brown's character. Many of the sets were a combination of physical set pieces and green screens with the backgrounds to be digitally added later. This technique was used for scenes that the crew was unable to film at either due to the volume of tourists, or because the Church denied them permission. The final piece before the end credits is Dr. Lauridsen has never before allowed this piece to be used in a movie, due to the context being inappropriate to his meaning behind the piece.

Five minutes were cut after the film received an R rating.

In the novel, Langdon and Vittoria have a romantic relationship. This is dispensed with in the film. Shot under the fake working title of "Obelisk". Naomi Watts was originally cast as Vittoria. She would later star alongside Ewan McGregor , who played a character in this film, in The Impossible It's a Doric -- the Greek counterpart. The three orders of classical columns, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian, are all Greek in origin, so it's impossible for the Doric order to the be the Greek counterpart of the Ionic. It's also much easier to distinguish the Doric from the Ionic based on their capitals; Doric columns have plain capitals, while Ionic columns are topped by volutes or scrolls.

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Let's ignore the bad, the erroneous, and the ugly, and you have decent little thriller zipping around Rome looking at art. Of course, it has to zip along, slow down long enough to think about it, and a host of questions start to swarm up. Like how Langdon has a whole theory on who the bad guy is and how Langdon was involved in these rather preposterous circumstances. Of course, the premise is wrong, so that that whole house of cards fall down.

Not bad in of itself, but then Brown doesn't ever provide any reason Langdon was involved after that. Of course, you aren't supposed to notice while reading it, and preferably not afterwards, either.

Angels and Demons / The Da Vinci Code

Doing so reveals how badly Brown writes. He can't provide a single decent reason why his hero is there, aside from a vague "Because" and a shrug. I'm envious of Brown, he can't write well, has plot holes big enough to drive the Popemobile through, bad research and "facts" that aren't, and yet still is entertaining, popular and, most galling perhaps, published. Caveat lector. View all 24 comments.

'Angels and Demons' Mix Fact And Fiction

Religion always was, is, has been, and always will be a very sensitive subject for me. However this book was a "battle" of religion and science. The storyline was engaging. I have to admit that the beginning was a bit slow, but as the book progressed, the pace really picked up to a point I pruned myself out in the bathtub finishing it. There was a page I found to be very thought-provoking. We gravitate toward the practices with which we were raised. In the end Religion always was, is, has been, and always will be a very sensitive subject for me. In the end, though, we are all proclaiming the same thing. Look at the diffusion of religion around the globe. Faith is universal. Our specific methods for understanding it are arbitrary. Some of us pray to Jesus, some of us go to Mecca, some of us study subatomic particles.

In the end, we all are just searching for truth, that which is greater for ourselves. Jan 07, James rated it really liked it Shelves: 1-fiction , 3-multi-book-series. When I got home, I realized it was not the first in the series I refused to read it And while it's not really necessary, I always follow the order unless I have an ARC with a due date on a newer book and no time to get to the whole series. Not everyone loves Dan Brown, and people aren't always kind, but man And I'm not afraid to say it It's exactly the kind of book I like to read: 1.

Has some connection to me -- I'm Catholic and knew most of the stuff they were talking about 2. I love reading about murder -- since I won't do it in real life, I have to get my thrills somehow 3. Secrets are the best thing in the world -- I have so many about others, but I never let anyone have one about me 4. Classic battle of good versus evil -- This is my life. Should I be good or bad today?

Sophie's catch It's non-stop thought-provoking messages and themes -- How much control and time do we really have right now? Oh, that's the spot baby! Today was all about just being excited to think about the book again. Now that said, I thought Da Vinci Code was a slight bit better, hence the 4 here. I've got some branding to do About Me For those new to me or my reviews I write A LOT.

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