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The healers sent forms of DI that related to their own healing practices at random 2-minute intervals that were unknown to the recipient. Areas activated during the experimental procedures included the anterior and middle cingulate area, precuneus, and frontal area. It was concluded that instructions to a healer to make an intentional connection with a sensory isolated person can be correlated to changes in brain function of that individual.

Adams, A. Alvarez, T. Paul, MN. There were three groups, Healing Touch, visit, or control. It was found that Healing Touch participants had a shorter hospital stay. Astin, J. The efficacy of distant healing: Systematic review of randomized trials. Annals of Internal Medicine , Study selection: Studies with the following features were included: random assignment, placebo or other adequate control, publication in peer-reviewed journals, clinical rather than experimental investigations, and use of human participants.

Of the trials,5 examined prayer as the distant healing intervention, 11 assessed noncontact Therapeutic Touch, and 7 examined other forms of distant healing. Conclusions: The methodologic limitations of several studies make it difficult to draw definitive conclusions about the efficacy of distant healing.

Attevelt, J. Asthma, bronchitis. Intercessory prayer, ie, prayer by 1 or more persons on behalf of another, was administered at least once a week for 26 weeks by 5 intercessors per patient. The primary end point after 26 weeks was any of the following: death, cardiac arrest, rehospitalization for cardiovascular disease, coronary revascularization, or an emergency department visit for cardiovascular disease. Among high-risk patients, Among low-risk patients, a primary end point occurred in Bacon, Mary Margarita.

Bair, Christine Caldwell. The heart field effect: synchronization of healer-subject heart rates in energy therapy, Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Holos University Graduate Seminary, Springfield, MO, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Theology Christine Caldwell Bair found that significant synchronizations were demonstrated between heart rates of healer and healees — the primary focus of the study.

The volunteer healees came in response to an advertisement to learn a self-relaxation and healing technique that was part of a study. A nonequivalent pretest posttest design was used based on heart rate comparison of healer and subject, and correlated with pre-and post-test SUDs and Profiles of Mood States scores.

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All subjects completed these measures within one hour. Baldwin, C. There was no statistically significant difference between the treatment group and the control group.

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All students that participated in this study said that they felt less stress. All but three students from the control group, whether they thought they were in the control group or the treatment group, said that the relaxation did not last throughout the week. However, most of the students in the treatment group, whether they thought they were in the treatment group or the control group expressed how the sessions had a lasting effect for them throughout the weeks.

Baranger, P. Not a controlled study.

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Barrington, R. A naturalistic inquiry of post-operative pain after therapeutic touch. Barros, Alberto, et al. Summary, translated from Spanish, from: Parapsychology Abstracts International , 1 2 , 80, Abstr. RES Barry, J. Baumann, S. Preliminary results from the use of two novel detectors for psychokinesis, In: Weiner, Debra H.

Nerve conduction. Becker, NB. Bengston, William F.

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Study of the therapeutic effects of intercessory prayer STEP in cardiac bypass patients: a multicenter randomized trial of uncertainty and certainty of receiving intercessory prayer. American Heart J.

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  • We evaluated whether 1 receiving intercessory prayer or 2 being certain of receiving intercessory prayer was associated with uncomplicated recovery after coronary artery bypass graft CABG surgery. METHODS: Patients at 6 US hospitals were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 groups: received intercessory prayer after being informed that they may or may not receive prayer; did not receive intercessory prayer also after being informed that they may or may not receive prayer; and received intercessory prayer after being informed they would receive prayer.

    Intercessory prayer was provided for 14 days, starting the night before CABG. The primary outcome was presence of any complication within 30 days of CABG. Secondary outcomes were any major event and mortality. Major events and day mortality were similar across the 3 groups. Berland, Warren R. DESIGN: Comparison of effects of recitation of the Ave Maria in Latin or of a mantra, during spontaneous and metronome controlled breathing, on breathing rate and on spontaneous oscillations is RR interval, and on blood pressure and cerebral circulation.

    Participants 23 healthy adults. RESULTS: Both prayer and mantra caused striking, powerful, and synchronous increases in existing cardiovascular rhythms when recited six times a minute. Baroreflex sensitivity also increased significantly, from 9.

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    Paranormal healing and hypertension, British Medical Journal , , The purpose of this study was to determine whether one alternative therapy, Therapeutic Touch TI , can improve objective indices of median nerve function in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. METHODS: Participants with eledrodiagnostically confirmed carpal tunnel syndrome were randomly assigned in single-blind fashion to receive either IT or sham therapeutic touch once weekly for 6 consecutive weeks. The distal latency of the median motor nerve along with visual analog assessments of pain and relaxation were measured before and after each treatment session.

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    • Changes in median motor nerve distal latencies, pain scores, and relaxation scores did not differ between participants in the IT group and participants in the sham treatment group, either immediately after each treatment session or cumulatively. Immediately after each treatment session, however, there were improvements from baseline among all the outcome variables in both groups.

      Borg, Elizabeth W. Bowers, Diane Patricia.

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      RES This quasi- experimental pretest-posttest design study examined the effects of Therapeutic Touch and a mimic control treatment on measurements of blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, peripheral skin temperature, and perceived feelings of anxiety in clients having surgery performed within 1 hour of hospital admission. The purpose of this study was to quantify the effects of Therapeutic Touch as a relaxation intervention. The hypotheses, however, were not supported.

      The degree of relaxation responses were not significantly greater in the experimental group. Bradway, C. Data based. Brannon, J.

      Braud, William. Conformance behavior involving living systems, In: Roll, W. Electrodermal activity. Braud, William G. Gifted healer. Braud, William, et al. Braxil, C. Bethel congregational adds healing touch. Inland Valley Daily Bulletin , , September 4, , 1.

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      Broich, William. Interest in holistic, alternative, and complementary therapies and services by disabled persons. SUR Healing Touch research summaries of Diane Wardell The objective of this study was to assess the interest in complementary, alternative, and holistic therapies and services of people in Polk County, Iowa who have a work disability and to identify possible barriers of access to these therapies and services.

      Disabled persons completed questionnaires about their transportation and payment options, and their interests in receiving the services offered by the Holistic Wellness Program. This study considered proximity, employment status, and transportation options as possible barriers to health care services.

      Of the 35 disabled respondents, 24 responded yes when asked if they had access to the city bus. Insurance does not cover any of these services. Brown, C. Brown, Patricia Ricciuti. Bruce, E. Effects of Therapeutic Touch and healing prayer on the serenity level of terminally ill oncology patients. RES This study explored whether therapeutic touch, combined with healing prayer TTHP , resulted in terminal oncology patients achieving a greater state of serenity as compared to those receiving only healing prayer HP or therapeutic touch TT , and a significantly greater serenity level when compared to the control group CG. Descriptive statistics preceded the interventions to determine whether differences existed between the T group's level of serenity than the TT, HP, and CG's serenity levels.

      Bryant, JP. Bunnell, Toni.