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Beyond Kate, the extended royal family is not just influencing the fashion and hairstyle choices of modern Australians, but also their choice of baby names.

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Prince George born and Princess Charlotte born have significantly contributed to the popularity of these names. George now sits at 34 th position.

Looking for a unique baby name? These are the names that no one used in 2016

When Princess Charlotte was born in , her name overtook Olivia as the most popular baby name, it has remained undefeated to this day. Unsurprisingly, since the birth of Prince Louis in , his name has gained a boost in popularity. Louis has jumped 14 places since , now at 59 th position. This is evident when looking back just one generation when the first-time mothers of today average 31 years old were born.

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  • The Everything Baby Names Book, Completely Updated With 5,000 More Names!.

This is more significant when considering there were over 5, more babies born in NSW in compared to , yet fewer occurrences of the top 10 names. This means, just over sixty years ago, there were almost 12, fewer babies born annually in NSW, but parents were three times more likely to give their baby a name in the top For more insights, and to see the top list of baby names, download the McCrindle Australian Baby Names Report here.

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Name your baby like an Edwardian

Charlotte and Oliver maintain their reign Charlotte , the name given to 1, Australian baby girls in , has been crowned the number one baby name since overtaking Olivia in Please confirm deletion. There is no undo!

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Cancel Delete. But not every vintage name is destined to be revived.

Or Normal. Or Butler. Or Rube. Or Walburga. Nameberry analyzed Social Security data to discover over 5, names that were given to babies a century ago but have now gone extinct.

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Some of these names were relatively obscure names, like Tsuyako and Mieczyslaw. Others were unusual variant spellings of names that have declined in popularity, like Ulysees and Lauraine. A few are usable, or even elegant. But a lot of them are just plain funny to us now. Here they are, in all their glory, along with the number of children given each name in For every Atticus and Khaleesi that make it big after being featured in fiction, there are five Boos and Tyrions that are sullied by the spotlight.

Multicultural Baby Names 5,000 African, Arabic, Asian, Hawaiian, Hispanic, Indian, and Native Americ

Ironically, the phrase Big Bertha, which was instrumental in depopularizing the name Bertha, derives from a kind of artillery used in World War I, which would obviously be fresh in the minds of parents in Presumably these had different connotations in Real Life.

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